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Viviva Colorsheets - 16 Vibrant and Portable Watercolors

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Short Description:
Viviva Colorsheets have a revolutionary and practical design that are suitable and affordable. This watercolor set comes in a booklet (yes, a booklet!) which make them very light-weight and highly portable, professional quality watercolour. They are
Sizing: 11 cm x 7 cm What makes Viviva Colorsheets different from other watercolor sets? They are diverse: 16 high-quality, bright, and diverse colors! From Peacock Blue to Deep Pink - be inspired by the vibrant hues and stunning color combinations. Their quality: Each color is super saturated and compressed into 6 cm x 4.5 cm patches. They work wonderfully when layering, without granulation. Each color has comparable coverage to a standard half pan set and made to last – so a little goes a long way! They are organized: In between each colorsheet there are water repellent pages so that colors don't stick to each other. There is a color index at the bottom, so you can easily flip to the color that you are looking for in order to blend shades beautifully. Safe for everyone! Viviva Colorsheets are completely safe, natural, and have not been tested on or made with any animal by-products (vegan friendly). TÜV Nord has certified that they do not contain heavy metals or carcinogens. About Viviva Colorsheets: The story of Viviva Colorsheets begins in vibrant India, with Aditya, a medical student with a love for the arts. Painting had always been his favorite hobby but while studying, he couldn't find time or space for all the tubes, palettes, brushes, and giant medical books in his bag. This gave him the idea of creating portable colors that you can easily carry around, that don’t create a big mess - while being able create works of art whenever inspiration comes along. Following the idea of creating colors that were easier to carry, Aditya tested out his first concept in March 2015, followed by a prototype, product testing, and different improvements with the help of artists’ feedback. In April 2017, an Indiegogo campaign (which is an International crowd-funding website to help get new ideas funded!) started and was instantly a huge hit! In fact, he even exceeded the initial fundraising goal by 564%, which tells a lot about their popularity.