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Turmeric Dyed Wooden Buttons

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Short Description:
Set of 5 x 20 mm botanically dyed wooden buttons, for use in knitting, crochet, crafting, or accessories. Hand dyed using turmeric! The perfect accessory to complete your gorgeous & unique hand made creations! Made by Flora Fibres in the UK
Set of 5 wooden buttons, 20 mm in diameter. Looking for another color? Check out other buttons options such as: Light pink (red cabbage), dark reddish pink (hibiscus flowers), pale purple (black beans), blue (red cabbage), yellow (turmeric). The buttons are oiled to finish them, and as such we recommend that they be either gently hand washed, or better yet removed from the garment before washing so as to not strip away the oil. This will keep them looking their best, allowing you to enjoy your beautiful buttons for longer! As these are natural wooden buttons they can vary slightly in appearance, some may have darker patches and the colour may not be even across the entire button. This is completely normal and adds to their uniqueness and charm.