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Spindle & Deluxe Spinning Fibres (100g of 4 Different Plant Fibres) by Flora Fibres

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Short Description:
Deluxe set of mixed plant fibres and botanically dyed drop spindle, suitable for spinning, needle felting or crafting. Beginner friendly, botanically dyed plant fibres. Fibres include mint, bamboo, tencel, and soybean. The perfect choice for anyon
Each braid has been botanically dyed and all the colours compliment each other beautifully. Use each braid on its own to create a beautiful set of mini skeins, or get creative and mix up your fibres and colours to make your very own unique and gorgeous yarn! The whorls of the spindles are also botanically dyed using the same dye plants used for the fibre, then lightly varnished to ensure no colour transfers onto your precious hand spun yarn. In the set you will find one of each of the following fibres: mint, bamboo, tencel, and soybean. These 4 fibres are the easiest plant fibres to learn with as they are the perfect balance of easy to draft yet not too slippery. If you have never spun before, I recommend trying the fibres in the following order: bamboo, mint, soybean, tencel. This will help you build up your skill and confidence ahead of trying some of the slightly more challenging fibres such as seacell which can be slippery to work with as it is so soft, or hemp which is harder to draft as the fibres are coarser. *Please note that it is not possible for you to choose exactly which colours you will receive as these fibres are botanically dyed with locally sourced dye plants. As such the colours available change seasonally, which is part of the charm of botanical dyeing!