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Soybean Soysilk Heavy Lace by Flora Fibres

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Short Description:
Hand spun and naturally dyed vegan heavy lace weight yarn, made from soybean fibres and hand-dyed with elderberries to create the beautiful "very berry" color.  Perfect for knittin
Heavy lace
The delightful colour of this yarn was created by dyeing the naturally peach coloured soybean fibres using elderberries, which were collected from beside the railway tracks near my house. The wonderfully rich colour of this yarn is sure to make you feel fabulous! An excellent alternative to silk, this hand spun soybean/soysilk yarn is delightfully soft to the touch making it an ideal choice to wear against your skin. The yarn has a wonderful drape, making it ideal for items such as shawls and wraps. The fibres are extracted from the insoluble part of the soybean which is leftover during the production of soy milk, making it both a sustainable and environmentally friendly product which would otherwise go to waste.