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Soybean Rolags by Flora Fibres

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Short Description:
Naturally dyed soybean fibre rolags for hand spinning. Spin your own self striping yarn with this gorgeous, naturally dyed rolag set, made from soybean fibres. These gorgeous natural dye colors come from red onion skins and elderberries! This set
The yarn created from these rolags will be self striping, so when it is used (in knitting, crochet, etc) it will leave a stripe, or section, of each individual colour before moving onto the next colour. This creates a lovely effect in the finished items. Alternatively, use the rolags to create a plyed yarn and mix up the colours for a different look! Rolags are very easy to spin from and can be used to create beautiful yarns straight from the box without any further preparation. Simply tease a little fibre from the end and join it to your leader/already spun yarn and you're ready to get started! This set contains 2 large rolags, and weighs 25g.