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Seacell Heavy Lace Weight by Flora Fibres

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Short Description:
Hand spun and naturally dyed, vegan, heavy lace weight yarn, made from seacell fibres. This yarn has been hand-dyed by using fallen leaves of peony flowers, creating the beautiful "S
Heavy lace
A delightfully delicate sandy shade, this yarn is like a chameleon and changes tones depending on the light source. Usually the color of sand, it sometimes takes on pale greens and even slightly pink hues! This enchanting color was extracted from the fallen leaves of peony flowers, and it is sure to captivate you as you work with it. Use it alone or combine it with a complimentary color to create something really special! Spun from seacell, the yarn is incredibly soft and silky to touch, with a remarkable lustre. Any garment made from it will have a wonderful drape, and will feel light and airy against the skin. Perfect for summery creations! Seacell is a relatively new fibre. It is lyocell based, and enriched with seaweed near the end of the production process. It makes beautiful yarns which are a delight to work with. The seacell fibres were hand spun to create this yarn which is ideal as a vegan alternative to silk based yarns. Perfect too for anyone with wool allergies, or any yarn crafters looking to try a delightful new fibre. This skein weighs 26g and contains approximately 137m (150 yds).