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Rose Spiral Plied Yarn by Flora Fibres

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Short Description:
Hand spun and naturally dyed vegan yarn, made from rose fibres spiral plied with cotton thread to create an art yarn in a beautiful shade of blue called "This side of the tracks", hand-dyed with elderberries.
This yarn is elegant yet playful, with variable thickness and spiral coils throughout to add irresistible texture. Dyed a gorgeous shade of bluish purple using wild elderberries, this skein is a truly unique piece of art, perfect for creating a one of a kind masterpiece which is sure to attract admiring looks! Spiral plied art yarns are ideal for weaving and loose knitting or crochet, which preserves their delicate structure. The rose fibres were hand spun to create this yarn which is ideal as a vegan alternative to silk. Rose is a relatively new eco-fibre, the fibres are extracted from the pulped stems of rose bushes, and are very environmentally friendly. This mini skein weighs 60g and contains approximately 73m (80 yds).