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Rose Lace by Flora Fibres

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Short Description:
Hand spun and naturally dyed, lace weight yarn, made from rose fibres. This yarn has been hand-dyed by using avocado pits to create the beautiful "Mother of Pearl" color. Perfect for knitting, crochet and weaving. This skein weighs 27g and con
This elegant and delicate lace weight yarn is a perfect choice for summery creations! The fine weight of this yarn combined with the gorgeous lustre of the rose fibres make this an ideal choice for lacy creations or anything requiring a wonderful drape. It is incredibly soft and silky making it delightful to work with and wear. If you have never experienced this incredible yarn I can highly recommend you do! Rose is a relatively new eco-fibre, the fibres are extracted from the pulped stems of rose bushes, and are very environmentally friendly. So not only is this a yarn you can feel good about, the subtle pinky tan color is a very complimentary shade.  The yarn was dyed using avocado stones and skins, which produced pink, then an iron modifier was added to produce this gorgeous shade. The rose fibres were hand spun to create this yarn which is ideal as a vegan alternative to silk. Rose is very soft, making it an ideal choice to wear against your skin. This skein weighs 27g and contains approximately 133m (145 yds).