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Ramie Heavy Lace Weight by Flora Fibres

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Short Description:
Hand spun and naturally dyed, heavy lace weight, vegan yarn made from ramie fibres. This yarn has been hand-dyed by using dandelions and black beans to create the beautiful "Daffodil
Heavy lace
This cheerful yarn is gradient dyed, it goes from a sunny yellow, to a beautiful sage green and would be ideal to use in a summery creation. The whole skein was first dyed yellow using dandelions, then approximately half of it was over-dyed with black beans (which give a blue dye) to create the beautiful green. The ramie fibres are not as soft as some other cellulose fibres, although they still have a delightful sheen, which means this yarn is more "wooly" than other plant-based fibres. This yarn also has a delightful halo, and similar to fibres such as linen it will soften with use. It will be perfect for creating items that require a yarn with more structure, perhaps an accessory, or a beautiful woven piece of art. A wonderful yarn to spark your creativity! Ramie is a plant in the nettle family, and is one of the oldest fibre crops: it has been in use for around 6000 years! It is resistant to both bacteria and mildew so it is an ideal fibre choice. This heavy lace weight skein weighs 20g and contains approximately 103m (113 yds).