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Pakucho Original Worsted

$8.00 - $12.00
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Short Description:
Enjoy an eco-friendly, and lusciously soft knitting experience with our fair trade organic cotton, also known as Pakucho, from the ancient Incan word for 'brown cotton'. These cottons are naturally pigmented, which means they actually grow in these c
Organic Cotton
Soft and light, easy to knit, these beautiful worsted weight skeins are made from 100% organically grown and fair trade cotton. Pakucho cottons are a great choice for babies, children, and those with sensitivities. 80m/88yds 50g/1.76oz Gauge: 16 - 20sts = 4"/10cm Needle Size: 4.5mm/7 US - 5.5mm/9 US Made for Vegan Yarn by Peru Naturtex. Vegan Yarn features a spectacular range of animal-free and sustainable fibres. Their yarns are hand-dyed and range from lace to super bulky: “The process of dyeing naturally takes time, but requires no nasty chemicals, and the colors are always soft on the eye. Typically plant-dyeing takes anywhere from 3 days to two weeks, starting with scouring (cleaning), mordanting twice (preparing the fibre to help it accept the dye better) with natural mordants like oak tannin, myrobalan, and alum. Then finally a ‘tea’ is made with the plant used for dyeing. The process of naturally dyeing yarn takes more time and effort, but its worth it, knowing that no harmful chemicals were used in the process.” – Vegan Yarn