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Natural Gold Mica Powder

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Short Description:
This mica powder is a very fine, non-tarnishing, brilliant gold that adds a lovely sparkle to paintings! Mix with walnut or linseed oil to create a beautiful gold paint. It also has excellent lightfastness! Mix with all mediums to create many type
Other creative uses for Natural Gold Mica Powder: - Oil Paint: Pour small mound of gold mica on a glass palette, add a small amount of walnut oil, mix with palette knife. - Gold Wax: Mix 1 part mica: 3 parts wax. Apply to any surface. Burnish as desired. - Gold Modeling Clay: Add to Polymer clay translucent base to create metallic clay. - Gold Acrylic Paint: Mix with clear acrylic medium. - Add to Varnishes for Patina Effects - If you add only a tiny amount of mica to walnut oil and brush on the painting surface, the effect is more subtle the surface becomes translucent and appears to have great depth. Powder also comes in biodegradable packaging. Use care when handling; avoid inhaling dust. Note: If added to white or opaque paint, it will get buried.