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Faux Squirrel Flat/Shader 6 Paint Brush

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Short Description:
Faux Squirrel’s synthetic fibers hold as much color as a squirrel brush allowing for an even flow of paint. It will continue to hold its shape and will show for less wear over time. Every component of this brush has been researched and no animal b
All of our paint brushes are vegan and made with our high standards for animal-free and cruelty-free components. Every part of each brush is free from animal products, including the glue that holds the brushes to the handle in the ferrule. These faux squirrel brushes look and perform just like their animal counterparts, but you can rest assured that animals were not used to create the brushes you are using when you paint. Bristles are made from plastic filaments that will last a long time if your brushes are cleaned and cared for. Check out all of our different size options available. Certified by PETA and Vegan Action to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Certified by The Good Shopping Guide to be an Ethically Accredited Company. Colors of Nature products provide artists, who are looking towards an environmentally sustainable future, with high-quality, prepared paints that they can use with confidence to create beautiful and lasting works of art. As visual artists, they breathe, touch and surround themselves with the media of paint, so using natural paints made with plants and minerals is clearly a healthy choice. Their paints and supplies perform as well as their non-natural counterparts without any compromise in quality or selection. Colors of Nature is based in Toronto, Canada.