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Egyptian Cotton Super Bulky by Flora Fibres

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Hand spun and naturally dyed, vegan, super bulky weight yarn, made from Egyptian Cotton fibres and hand-dyed with madder root to create the beautiful "Candyfloss" color.  Perfect f
Egyptian cotton
Super Bulky
This hand spun, super bulky yarn is perfect for quick projects by itself it will create a chunky, statement piece, or pair it with a smaller yarn for a delightful contrast! This is a yarn that would be ideal for weaving with, to create texture in a wall hanging for example, as well as for knitting or crochet projects. Dyed a lovely shade of pale pink which was produced using dye extracted from madder root. Cotton is the most used natural fibre in the world, with evidence of it being grown in Egypt as long as 14000 years ago! Egyptian cotton fibres are one of the longer varieties, making it one you will love to work with.  The cotton fibres were hand spun to create this yarn which is ideal as a vegan alternative to the wool based super bulky yarns available.