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Coloursoft Pencils (36 Count) by Derwent

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Short Description:
Beautiful Coloursoft Pencils by Derwent measuring 4mm Core, 36 Count. They are the perfect mix of a colored pencil and a pastel containing a velvety soft core is perfect for mixing and ble
Derwent Coloursoft pencils are soft, smooth, and velvety dry colored pencils.  The hard 4mm core allows for a crisper edge and better control, which produces better results than most other lines. The pencil glides smoothly over a wide variety of drawing surfaces. Due to their softness you’ll be able to work much faster.
  • Lightfastness ranges from 2 to 8
  • Contains:  Acid Yellow, Deep Cadmium, Orange, Bright Orange, Rose, Red, Deep Fuchsia, Loganberry, Blush Pink, Pink Lavender, Grey Lavender, Bright Lilac, Royal Purple, Indigo, Electric Blue, Blue, Cloud Blue, Pale Blue, Grey Green, Green, Light Green, Lime Green, Mint, Lichen Green, Dark Brown, Pale Brown, Pimento, Peach, Ochre, Dark Terracotta, Brown Earth, Black, Persian Grey, Dove Grey, Steel Grey and White
  • Colorsoft pencils are acid-free, vegan, and tested for lightfastness
  • Color tab at the top of the pencil matches the color core for easy identification
  • Pre-sharpened, so you can get to work right away
  • 4 mm core
  • Excellent to use for: Blending; lay any number of colors on top of each other to create rich, deep tones. Blocking; use the side of the pencil to lay down solid blocks of intense color. Burnishing; rub a white pencil across existing layers of color to blend them further and create precise highlights.